Retractable Hoop Earrings (2 pcs set)

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No piercing but want to be gorgeous in hoops? No problem with this Retractable Hoop Earrings!

This spring hoop earrings will help you enjoy the look of pierced earrings without the pinching because of its clip-on design.

These fashionable hoop earrings are specially created with comfortable spring pin and round stoppers for teens and adults who don't have pierced ears.

Specially crafted in 3 sizes so you can play with layering to rock that multiple earrings look.

No more struggles putting it on and off, the one-size-fits-all spring design effortlessly adjusts to ear lobes, and stays in place all day long!

Rock the conch hoop without piercing your ears with this Retractable Hoop Earrings!


  • NO PIERCING EARRINGS. These clever hoops have been designed for clip-on wearers. They feature a spring closure that gives the illusion of pierced ears whilst still allowing a comfortable fit. 

  • EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF. This features with Spring Pin and Round Stopper. The spring pin makes it easy to put on and off the spring hoop earrings.

  • COMFORTABLE. It clamps on enough and will not come off from normal movement. And the round stopper is great for comfortable long time wearing.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL.  It is made of lightweight copper metal type, with excellent nickel free electroplating technology making it extremely durable.
  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Comes in gold-toned plated copper, this set is 100% nickel free and great for sensitive ears and skin.

No need to piercing,so you don't worry about infected piercing  


  • Small: 12mm diameter
  • Medium: 14mm diameter
  • Large: 16mm diameter


Retractable Hoop Earrings x 2 pairs/  6 pairs

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