Peel-Off Nail Polish

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Want to remove your nail polish easily without using chemicals? Want to wear a nail polish but for one night only?


Try on our Peel-Off Nail Polish! Combines water-based color, high gloss and peel-off removal technology to create an ultra-fast, ultra-shiny, ultra-gentle breakthrough nail polish formula. This saves you the risk of peeling, broken or otherwise damaged nails. Plus, it makes it super easy to change your color when you want to. Simply brush on a coat or two of the color you choose, allowing a couple of minutes between coats to let the polish set. Easy enough, right?


  • Safe and made of less toxic ingredients. Using peel-off nail polish is perfect because it can be created without toxic ingredients. For example, peel-off nail polishes can be made without the ingredients of toluene, formaldehyde, and phthalates frequently found in more traditional nail polishes. Consumers of beauty products who are health-conscious and want to reduce the amount of potentially hazardous chemicals to which they are exposed suggest this product.

  • Say goodbye to nail polish remover. Indeed one of the benefits of using peel off nail polish is that there’s no need to use an acetone nail polish remover to remove the color from your nails once applied. Not only does this make the whole process less messy – especially if you like to change your nail color quite a lot – it also means that you’ll save money on nail polish removal products.
  • Wide range of colors and styles. Peel-Off Nail Polish isn’t just regulated to certain colors. They can be available in several different hues and shades, ranging from the conventional to the dramatic and funky. Consumers of beauty products are sure to find a complementary color for their outfit, hair, skin tone, or accessories easily.

  • Easy to use. If you love to paint your nails but dread the tedious process of removing old polish once it’s chipped, Peel-Off Nail Polish is the one for you! Each nail polish bottle contains a super funky glossy color and peel off removal technology, to create its innovative peel off nail polish. Each peel off nail polish set will glide onto your nails in a few strokes, will dry in minutes and will not damage your nails. The perfect product for doing your gel nails at home.


  • Size:6.10cm x 3.10cm x 6.10cm
  • Weight: 6 ML


  • 1 x Peel-Off Nail Polish
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