Fast Repair Tire Glue

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Patch and repair your tire easily
with this Fast Repair Tire Glue!

This Tire Glue has strong adhesion and can easily fix from bicycle tire to large truck’s tire and other stuff!

Water-proof and temperature resistant and does not disintegrate with water. Easy to bring and prepare for roadside emergency needs.

Repair your tire with this Fast Repair Tire Glue!


  • INSTANT TIRE REPAIR.  This tire glue easily repairs your tire that lasts. Works well on both tubed and tubeless tires.
  • EASY TO USE. You can apply it right away on the damaged area; the application is simple and straightforward with fast curing time without any sticky residue.

  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION. It can be applied to different types of tires and other kinds of materials such as such as leather, wood, metal, ceramic, acrylic, etc.

  • SAFE TO USE. Non-toxic formula.


    • Working temperature: 22°C
    • Volume: 30 mL
    • Shelf life: 10 months
    • Full cure time: 24 h


    • Fast Repair Tire Glue x 1pc
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