Curly Ponytail Claw

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Looking to get that much-desired length and volume? This quick and easy Claw on Curly Ponytail is so convenient to have an instant refreshing look. Simply put it onto your hair with seconds.
It is highly applicable for different hairstyles, no matter you have long or short hair.
This allows you to save so much time and money on hairstyling!
No matter how long or short your hair,
this Instant Curly Hair Ponytail Claw is applicable for you.
Washable and can be reused,
this Curly Hair Ponytail Claw is always
ready to make you stunning and beautiful on dates and parties!
  • EASY TO USE. This Instant Curly Hair Ponytail Claw is quick & easy to wear, simply clip it onto your hair, you’re ready to party.
  • PERFECT EXTENSION. Extends your hair freely by just clipping this onto your short hair and increase its length.
  • HIGHLY APPLICABLE. Applicable to any hairstyles, weather you have a long or short hair this Instant Curly Hair Ponytail Claw is perfect for you!
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE. The curly ponytail is made of quality high-temperature fiber that is easy to clean and reuse.

  • CURLY STYLE IN AN INSTANT. No scissor or chemical is required to achieve that natural look curly style, just wear it and you’re good to go!
  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY. No more going to the salon and spend a lot of money to achieve this curly hair style!

    How to Clean:
    1. Wash in clod or warm water
    2. Add a dash of Shampoo and wash gently
    3. Rinse thoroughly in cold water
    4. Do not brush when wet allow wig to drip fry
    5. Brush wig into desired style after it is completely dry

      Achieve that curly ponytail style instantly with this Instant Curly Hair Ponytail Claw and have the hair style you have always longed for!
      Material: High Temperature Fiber
      Size: 50 cm (app.) / 20 inches
      Color: Black / Light Brown / Dark Brown / White Blonde /
      Blonde / Gold / Reddish / Grey
        1 x Curly Ponytail Claw
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