Comfort Boob Sweat Towel Bra

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You’ll never have to worry about boob sweat ever again wearing this Comfort Boob Sweat Towel Bra!

This Towel Bra is a terrycloth invention that prevents boob sweat, keeps your chest in place without annoying straps and wires on a bra, and looks like a ridiculously chill garment to wear around the house while watching your favorite TV show shirtless!

It’s a towel made from 100% cotton that easily slings over your neck and holds your ladies up in any season!


  • No more after-shower boob drips.No more water trickling from your breast to your torso down to the floor. The towel bra solves it all.

  • Ideal for breastfeeding moms. The ultra-soft rayon liner absorbs any breast milk that might leak out and is very gentle on sensitive nipples.

  • Everyday Towel Bra. Convenient to wear at the spa, after gym, by the pool, or just lounging in your house. You can keep your ladies free while keeping them dry.

  • Reversible designs. Comes with fun patterns opt for remarkable fashion statements. You don’t only keep your boobs dry, but you keep them dry fashionably.

  • Adjustable Back Strap. Towel bras have a strap in the back which makes them adjustable. Nothing says genuine boob comfort like these towel bras.

  • Easy Wearing. Just sling the bra towel over your neck and holds your breasts up - without the fear of sweat trickling down. 

You Can Now Buy A Towel Bra That Specifically Targets Boob Sweat!

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Comfort Boob Sweat Towel Bra

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