Anti-Ingrown Nail Strips

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Reduce pain and no more toenail ingrown with our Anti-Ingrown Nail Strips!


  • Painless nail correction. Perfect for ingrown nail correction, relieve parochial pain, reduce pain and eliminate redness. Its purpose is to change the mechanical relationship between the nail and the soft tissue.
  • Easy to use. Ensures the healthy growth of toenails safely and efficiently. The whole process is relaxing and painless. Easy to use, fast effect, suitable for profession or home use.

  • Healthy nail growth. Attached to the surface of the nail will produce upward rebound pull, which will be embedded in the flesh of the nail was slowly pulled out, making the nail healthy growth and nail to return to normal curvature, no longer embedded in the flesh.
  • Easy to wear. It is easy to wear, and does not affect your daily life. Need no surgical treatment, without having to pull out the ingrown nail; you can easily reshape your toenail by yourself. So, do not hesitate, this is absolutely a good chance for you.


  • Net content: 1g
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • 1pcs includes 10 strips


  • 2pcs / 5pcs / 10pcs
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