Anti-break Speed Charge Cable

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The Anti-break Speed Charge Cable?ÿis perfect to feed your phone with?ÿhigh-speed. There are?ÿ3 types of interfaces?ÿto choose from and it?ÿfits all phone users of Apple, Type-C, or Android system. The cable is made of?ÿsmart chip?ÿand?ÿquality copper?ÿthat ensures?ÿstable current and safe charging.

The cable is wrapped with?ÿhigh-density nylon?ÿwhich is durable and?ÿnot easy to break?ÿeven with multiple bending. Let's get yours now!


  • Break-Resistant Nylon:?ÿThe cable is made of a?ÿhigh-density nylon cover?ÿwhich is?ÿnot easy to break?ÿunder multiple times of bending. It avoids damages to the cable.

  • ‹¯¨Charge Like Flash:?ÿ‹¯¨The cable provides?ÿfast charging?ÿwith 3X faster speed using the innovative?ÿ3.0A. It allows you to feed your phone in a short time.

  • Smart Chip Design:?ÿIt is made of a smart chip that?ÿensures stable current?ÿwhen feeding your phone. It is safe to charge overnight.

  • High-Quality Cords:?ÿIt is made of quality and?ÿdurable copper cords?ÿthat are?ÿmore effective?ÿthan normal cords.?ÿ
  • Multiple Interfaces: It offers?ÿthree types of interfaces?ÿlike?ÿApple, Type-C and Android?ÿthat fit all phone users.?ÿ ?ÿ
  • Material: Nylon / Aluminium Alloy
  • Size: 1m / 2m
  • Color: Blue / Black / Red
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