8 in 1 Eyebrow Stencil Kit

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If sometimes you feel like despite the makeup and all the beauty tips you follow there is something your face still lacking, it is probably because you haven’t gotten the right design for your eyebrows. Luckily, we made it easier for you. Try our Reusable 8 in 1 Eyebrow Shaping Stencil Kit!

Whether you want a structured brow with angled arches and longer ends, or a brow with angled peak and many more types of brow shapes, this come in handy! Now you can have a perfect and aesthetically-pleasing look for your eye brow even when you’re in hurry! Always remember the saying, “Eyebrows is life!”



  • Simple to use and makes eyebrow make up easy.  This tool would make eyebrow make up easier for you! You just need to pin it into your eye brow and get an eyebrow pencil, powder or cream and just fill in and follow the shape of your brow. And voila! You got a perfect eye brow in an instant!

    • Built in with drawing guide. If you’re new to the eyebrow extravaganza world, this tool will be helpful for you!

    • If you’re just starting to know your brows, this has a built-in drawing guide where you can try and see what brows fits the size of your face and just fill it in and then you will see what fits you!

      • Inexpensive way to look great. This eyebrow tool is inexpensive and we all know that they make you look great and beautiful when applied, so we can therefore say that it is an inexpensive way to look great, beautiful and younger.

        • Eyebrow make up makes the face brighter. Eyebrow makeup brightening up the face and shows emotion: when we apply makeup on our eyebrow our face tends to look bright and clear. Eyebrow show emotions therefore when you have got your eyebrow shaped you tend to display a nice and pleasurable emotion.

          • Portable and a staple to your beauty kit. Great beauty tool for making your own eyebrows style. They are flexible and fit comfortably over your brows. Easy-to-follow visual diagram. An easy-to-use, travel-friendly stencil pack.


            • Material: PVC

              Package Includes:

              • Eyebrow card x 8
              • Handle x 1
              • Head rope x 1
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