4cm Ultra Shaping Pantyhose

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Have the style, slimmer look and health benefits this Ultra High Elastic Pantyhose could bring you!

This high waist pantyhose features a high elasticity design that provide a tummy control, butt lifting effect and effectively tone and shape your legs.
Gently compresses your lower body between your foot and waist to improve poor circulation, minimize swelling and prevent the development of varicose veins.
Made of Highly stretchable and breathable fabric giving you an unrestricted movement and all day comfort. Perfect pair to any outfit, wear it under skirt or shorts for a sexier and stylish you!
Slim, shape and relax your body effortlessly with this Ultra High Elastic Pantyhose!
  • INSTANT SLIMMING EFFECT. Instantly flatten your tummy, lifts buttocks, firm your thighs, and eliminates bulges and muffin top for slimmer appearance!

  • RUN RESISTANT. Anti-tear/hook material that makes it run resistant for a long lasting use.
  • RELIEVES BODY DISCOMFORT. Massages and energizes tired, achy legs and helps prevent and treat fatigue, pain, stiffness, soreness, swelling, cramps, shin splints, varicose veins and more!
4D Shaping High-elastic Stovepipe Pantyhose
「韓國 瘦 腿 絲襪」的圖片搜尋結果"
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR.  Made with the highest quality of nylon and acrylic material to ensure high-elasticity. It’s lightweight and breathable that gives you all-day comfort!
  • PERFECT PAIR TO ANY OUTFIT. Be fashionable pairing this with any outfit as it has two basic colors, nude and black.
  • YOUR EVERYDAY PANTYHOSE. Discreet and stylish design for walking, sitting, standing, travel and all attire from casual to work, dress or formal.
- Material: Nylon
- Size: One size fits all
Package Included:
Ultra High Elastic Pantyhose x 1 
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